I want to believe you have concluded, you want to make a career out of freelance writing.

Yes right? Good.

Even though, it’s true that, starting out as a freelance writer (a newbie with no experience) can be a big challenge, and almost frightening, it’s possible to grow and succeed. 

You can only get better with time, experience and learning from others, in your niche.

This is dependent on the fact that, you are ready to use some awesome and marketable tips to launch your career, and follow them through judiciously.

You know, that kind of dexterity and commitment a child deploys to devour ice-cream, should be the same attitude you put up, when it comes to establishing and growing your full time writing career.

Your success or failure depends entirely on these powerful tips.

Outlined below are 11 potent tips, which I strongly believe will help you in scaling up your freelance writing career astronomically.

Discipline – According to Wikipedia “Discipline is action or inaction that is regulated to be in accordance (or to achieve accord) with a particular system of governance”.

Personally, I term the word Discipline as a “process of applying a dedicated self-controlled mechanism over ones behaviour”

From the definition on Wikipedia, and my own little inexperienced definition, one can deduce that, it entails being dedicated to a particular behaviour (in this context, you being a freelance writer), and to achieve success in it.

As a writer, you need to be committed to this line of work, so that you can enjoy the benefits and experiences that comes with it.

You know, discipline helps to checkmate sloppiness, keeps you faithful to why you started writing in the first place and more importantly, keeps your "well of knowledge" filled with creative ideas on a daily basis.

Write Regularly (Even If You Are Just Starting) – Do you really want to improve as a writer?

Then write constantly.

To achieve growth or significant improvement as a freelance writer, it is paramount you develop the attitude of writing regularly.

It could be 3 to 4 articles per week. With consistency and regularity, in little to no time, you will be amazed with the qualities you have built up overtime, which can only be attributed to dedication and hard work.

Constant practice of any skill, leads to better understanding of that particular skill, and guarantees the optimal delivery of a well-crafted and quality work.

Be Hungry for More (Be Ambitious) – For you to have any meaningful and impactful writing career, you must be hungry for more success, even after achieving your already set out plans and objective.

You know success is a continuum.

Without you wanting more of out your success as a writer, the possibility of complacency might set in, which could jeopardize all the efforts you have put in initially.

This my friend, will definitely bring down your writing empire, if adequate steps are not taken, to nip it in the bud.

A Tailor-Made Writing Style, That Works for You – Every single writer have a particular writing style, which they are used to, and has helped them considerably in no small way.

It takes time and patience, to find the writing style which matches your kind of personality, and which gives you the most comfort, and makes your writing flow without much fuss or stress.

Some writers like to start their writing with, heading of the article, head over to sub-headings, fill the body with contents, and then finish up with the conclusion.

Others might just start with only headings, conclusion, and then take their time, crafting contents for the body of the article.

I for one, applies the technique of body first, headings and then conclusion. While on some other occasions, I can just take it from the bottom, and work my way to the top.

Once I am done, I then take my time and stitch them altogether, the way it will come out best for my readers to enjoy.

It is advisable you sample other writers’ techniques, compare and sift through just few of them, and then finally coming up with the one, you believe will work best for you.

However, always be flexible and give room for adjustments, every now and then, when you feel you need to add something new.

Read And Research What You Are Writing About – To be successful as a freelance writer, you must be ready to read a lot, I mean a lot. Also, be ready to carry out extensive research.

Reading and research, are two vital elements, which you must employ on a daily basis, when you are creating contents.

When you read and research a lot, it helps to sharpen and broaden your mind, and opens you up to new ideas and relevant information, in your chosen niche.

Be Clear And Direct When Passing Your Message – As much as you can, always go straight to the point, as a freelance writer.

Your readers don’t have all the day in the world to be reading your articles. They have other things, they like doing as well, even if your writing is top notch.

Hit the nail on the head and, pass the message in a simple and clear language or grammar (You don’t have to be perfect in your grammar, actually nobody is perfect).

Just make it as concise and easy for people to understand the message, you are trying to pass across.

Do Away With Excuses – To improve as a freelance writer, you must do away with excuses and all the negative mentality of; I am new to writing or, I am scared to apply for jobs, I have little time on my hands, or even my English is bad.

The truth is, you cannot grow, if you don’t face all these challenges head on, when they come calling (Be prepared because, they will surely come) just be ready to surmount them, even though it won’t be easy.

You just have to do it. NO ONE will do it for you.

Just tell yourself “I was born to do this, and I must succeed in this, regardless of the challenges around me”

Believe you me, when you are fired up to write, nothing can stop you.

Learn To Jot Down Points - Always write down relevant points, you might have read from articles on other writers in your niche. I always love to have a book and pen around me, when reading from a book or enjoying one online.

As quickly as I can, whenever I come across any quote, text or phrase which I feel will be of importance to my writing, I quickly jot down those key salient points, for crafting quality contents.

What makes you a better freelance writer, is preparing your mind every time, for little snippets of information creeping up on you, when reading from other authority writers, and then finding some hidden points in their articles.

You never can tell, when a little idea from them, will create a whole lot of ideas in your head.

Learn To Apply Paragraphs, Keep It Short – Articles are best enjoyed, when they are broken into paragraphs. It helps your readers flow seamlessly when reading and, it helps pass the core message why the article was crafted for in the first place.

Have A Rock-Solid Writing Routine – I did a comprehensive post about having a standardized writing routine, which you have fine-tuned to best suite your writing schedule and format.

Having created your own specific routine, it helps to improve your writing time, makes you look and feel fresh.

Read, Edit, Read Again – One key ingredient for improving as a writer, is to read your work and make adjustments, before hitting the publish button.

For example, in every exam, before a student submits his/her papers, due diligence must have been carried out i.e he/she goes through their answers thoroughly for mistakes and errors, so that it can be fixed before submission.

It’s the same principle that applies here. You MUST (emphasis on must) read what you have written down, read it through at least twice yourself. As a matter of fact, give a close friend or relation, to help you read it.

Ask them for their honest opinion either good or bad, and to point out areas you need to make corrections. Edit where necessary and then, go over it again, at least twice.

Once you are very satisfied with the outcome, you can go ahead and publish the article.

So, are you desirous to improve as a freelance writer? 

The points above, are very important and key to your writing journey as a freelance writer, that is, if you want to be a successful freelance writer.

I hope you will make the best use of these golden tips and improve yourself, just as they have also helped me.

Hoping to hear from you.