Ok, you just got up in the morning, say 7am and you have a deadline to meet with a client concerning a writing job you just secured.

And it seems, you don’t even have a set plan or concrete idea of how to go about the writing gig for the day. Already you are thinking, this day might just be bad.

Being a freelance writer has a lot of challenges attached to it (fun though, if it’s covering all your bills and some)…..it becomes tedious, time consuming and annoying, that is, if you don’t have a template or working schedule, on how to begin your day as a writer.

It gets annoying and confusing, when you just have to write; at that same time; check the latest buzz on AI technology; when to grab a cup of coffee, or even to check your emails?

At this point, you scream with anger, ready to break anything in site or take the easy way out, by quitting. 

All these important tasks, which are piled up before you, are tasks which you can never run away from. They must all be surmounted, one way or the other.

And what is the better way of gaining the upper hand over all these monstrous ills, If it’s not through a well-organized schedule?

Personally, as a freelance writer, I have seen a tremendous growth in my writing skills, ever since I began to create my own writing plan, I have been able to maintain my writing blog……my concentration level has improved, I am not overworked and more importantly, I have more time on my hands to attend to other social aspects of my life.

Awesome, isn’t it?

The benefits of a solid routine, will help you in ways beyond your wildest imagination, and the points below will give credence to it, just as it has helped me.

1.   A routine helps to prevent procrastination
Now, we have to be truthful here. How many times have we all said, we were/are going to do something at a particular time, only to give one or more excuses, why we couldn’t attend to the task at hand. The term for this constant shift of task is called PROCRASTINATION.

Procrastination has robbed most of us, good things at some certain time (I know I’ve lost some good things, due to procrastination)

However, since I read of other writers having a routine and applying it daily, I judiciously created mine. I can confidently say, I’ve completely eradicated that lazy part of me battling with procrastination, which in turn, has given me a clearer picture of how best to utilize my time appropriately.

2.  Routines helps in organizing your day
We live in a busy world, and sometimes, it seems as though, everywhere and everyone is just blessed with the gift of being disorganized. I could still remember asking myself a long time ago “why can’t I just be organized?”

With the adoption of a writing schedule, it has made it easy for me, to know what tasks to attend to, at every point in time.

My tasks are not piling up, as it used to; I eat regularly and I’m also happy, which guarantees quality articles, and to a large extent……my energy level has improved a lot.

Also, I now have valuable time on my hands, to do more research on being a better writer, and fortunately, I feel very comfortable about myself, since I don’t have to be under any undue stress, trying to figure out, what the day has in store for me.

3.  It helps to prioritize other tasks, aside writing.
It is somewhat dangerous and risky for a writer, just to dedicate all of his/her attention, just only on writing and nothing else.

Agreed, writing is a serious business, and you have to make money……it should NOT negatively affect other aspects of your life.

Creating a writing routine, helps to mitigate against all of these conflicts arising, as a result of your writing life and other tasks, which deserves attention as well.

Having a writer’s routine time-table created, is a great tool on how best to manage and maximize your time. It helps you in determining the time meant for writing, and the time, set for other tasks, which you must do, and are also very important.

4.  Engaging in more activities
Yes, with a routine always at your disposal, you have the gift of engaging in one or more social or sport activities, without any negative impact on your writing career.

I remember when starting my writing career, some months ago, I was very scared and concerned, about how I can take up some more profitable and brain enhancing chores like running, football and even going to the gym.

My fears were understandable, but not completely established on facts. Well yes, I was just starting my freelance writing business, I felt, it may prove difficult and time consuming, once I am fully engaged in those extra activities, while trying to focus on my writing.

But when I read about the importance of having a schedule as a writer, it was easy for me to do all those things, I had always wanted to do, without affecting my writing routine one bit.

In actual fact, engaging in these activities has tremendously helped boost my writing career, since my body and mind, are always in the right place, and also it helped to reduce the stress, which I used to experience in the past.

5.  It makes you feel refreshed for the next day
I just can’t explain the kind of joy and calmness of the mind I experience, whenever I wake up in the morning, before diving into my writing tasks for the day, or any other tasks for that matter.

Ever since I allowed my routine be my guide and daily planner (so to speak), I am not under any pressure to do, what I know within me is not feasible.

I mean, once I go through my schedule for the day, and I know the time, I am to allocate on a particular task, I just put my head and heart into it, and accomplish it, since my day has been well planned out.

You know, there is this joy you feel, knowing fully well, when you have accomplished the task meant for a day for that day, without having a spill over, to the next day.

So I ask, do you have a routine? How has it helped you in feeling refreshed? Have you been able to minimize or maybe, totally overcome procrastination?