As-a-freelance-writer, do-you-need-a-website-for-your-business?
For everyone involved in one form of business or the other, it’s vital that you have a physical location or virtual location (a domain name, built into a website or blog just like mine), where you can easily be located, and provide writing services for a particular rate.

Now, to the main question…… is a website needed for a Freelance Writer?

Truth be told, the answer to this pertinent question is on the basis of a Yes and well…No.

However, I am tilting more to the Yes variable. In fact, if I’m to give it a score in percentage, I would say over 85%, meaning that, you MUST have a website for your writing business, before it can really flourish, and start making some serious money, as a freelance writer.

Frankly speaking, there are few examples here and there, of writers who achieved a little bit of success, when they started, but couldn’t sustain it overtime, simply because, they did not have a “home” or online presence, where clients can always contact them for business.

To eke out a sustainable living off freelance writing, and to be able to maintain a very high clientele base, the importance of having a website for your business can never be overemphasized.

Strong benefits of having a freelance writing website or blog:

  • It makes you look and appear serious
  • It helps in establishing your brand image and name
  • Attracting other writers to your blog, helps to improve your writing skills
  • High paying clients will always have a “home” to contact you
  • Have a hire-me page or service on your blog, to market yourself
  • Helps you in creating mind blowing contents
  • Controlling the perception others have of you in a creative and positive way
  • The competition has one (a website), so should YOU!
  • Able to coach and mentor other newbie freelance writers

So, in a nutshell, I cannot stress enough, the importance of every freelance writer, having a website built to serve as framework to showcase their writing abilities and to indicate the services they offer, in-case someone is looking to hire them.