Sometimes in life, we are faced with that nagging question, when we have to decide, if we want to continue working in the corporate world or start our blogging/writing career?

Personally, I have experienced such thoughts, up to the point where my head ached.  And to be sincere, it’s not a simple decision to make, because you have to consider so many things.

As a matter of fact, you will begin to question yourself, if you are psychologically sound. Even those close to you, will think that you are having a mental break down or something closely related to it.

Before you can take any concrete decision (hopefully, a decision, which will not come back to hunt and hurt you later in the future), I must add at this point that, a careful and an in-depth research has to be done, and deep thinking, has to be carried out, before one can truly decide to leave their present jobs, and go into article writing.

This is because, if your job is paying you well, and you are having the best time of your life on the job, I don’t think, it’s a wise decision to forfeit it for article writing.

However, if your mind is made up, these eight reasons below, will help you in making that decision;

8 reasons why you might want to leave your job for freelance writing?

1. Being your own boss. Yes, it’s all our dreams to be our own boss. To be able to plan our life, the way we want, take mind blowing tours around the world etc. Although, being your own boss is a great thing, you must have it at the back (or front) of your mind that, it is very easy to say “I want to be my own boss”, it’s a different ball game entirely, when you start your article writing career.
If you think, you have gathered the necessary experience and set skills, which will make you succeed as a writer, there is no need holding back, on starting as a freelance writer.

2. Not being appreciated at your current job. It’s infuriating when you are not being appreciated and recognized at the work place. For someone like me, who is still working in the corporate world, I can confidently say that, nothing hurts more, when those who are working with you, do not appreciate your efforts and contribution towards the overall success of the team and the organization as a whole.

Personally, I think, if one ever gets to this point and is about to lose his/her mind over the rejection being experienced in the work place, and you have this burning sensation of going into article writing or blogging, this could be a sign from the “gods of writing” that you should consider your writing venture options.

3. Being underutilized. This is a dream killer for every talented and brilliant individual. Its’ just like the proverbial “Putting round pegs in square holes”. When a talented individual is placed in a position, below their abilities, it tends to reduce their overall performance and creative contributions. As a result, it leads to job dissatisfaction, which definitely, leave you with no other choice, but to walk away, and probably, starting your writing career.

4. Decide your pay. Yes, a major reason, why you might want to leave your current job, and head into article writing. Overtime, the fixed or almost fixed salary in the work place, could become annoying, and subsequently, it does not meet all your financial need, you might want to pack your bag and leave.

Although, it does not mean that, immediately you begin your writing journey, all will be rosy. If that is your thought pattern, I would suggest you have a rethink. But then, if all is done well and due diligence is carried out, in the nearest months, you will start to see some dividend, from your efforts. And then, in the long run, clients begin to give you jobs, which means, you start to decide the rates you charge clients.

5. Determining your working schedule. This will definitely follow the pay, you receive as a freelance writer. I am always elated, when I know, I choose when I work and how I work, without over laboring myself. I strongly believe that, if you want to take a strong hold of your future and you are sure of taking the foray into writing; you are blessed with the gift of setting your time and work schedule, while fulfilling all the writing gigs, you have signed up for.

6. Do I know “enough” about writing? It is suicidal, if you have not read and studied enough, before going into article writing. It is strongly advised that, before one begins any project or business, a lot of research has to be made; what are the pros and cons of this business, when will I start seeing good results, who are the gurus in this niche, how do I reach out to clients and article writing sites.

These are some of the questions, you need to answer without being bias. Once you can confidently and truthfully answer these questions, and you are convinced without a doubt, that you will succeed. Quitting your job will not become a difficult decision to make.

However, I must add that, it is of paramount importance to have a Plan B i.e. a contingency plan, in case your planned efforts to go into writing, hits rock bottom.

7. Monotony of work. This point right here, will definitely make you consider quitting your job, when you have the passion for writing. Nothing scares me more, when a particular task becomes a drag, because it has become so “dead”. No single life in it anymore, no joy waking up in the money, with that sense of fulfilment, because the job has become monotonous in nature and too predictable.

However, the reverse is the case, when it comes to writing. The uniqueness, variableness and unpredictability of writing articles, is filled with fun and excitement, because of the openness it provides, most especially, when you are constantly interacting with others in your niche, and also, meeting up clients expectations and target.

8. Unshakable Passion. Last but not the least. When it comes to writing and blogging in general, without the passion for writing; success could be at a minimum, or even nonexistent. It takes a strong will of mind and burning desire to succeed. 0nce you are equipped with these tools, the fear of quitting your current job will not necessarily scare you, into making that switch.

Therefore, even though you are starting out as a newbie, your success will come at the shortest period of time, with hard work coupled with smartness, dedication and perseverance.

In a nutshell, being an Article writer, blogger or business owner, life and business in general, is filled with challenges.

However, with a positive mindset, due diligence and commitment, nothing is going to stop you from achieving your dreams.

Hope you enjoyed this piece, share and comment. Thanks.