Can-a-writer-succeed-without-a-college-degree? First and foremost, I can confidently say that, being a writer or blogger is a profession on its own.

Some people take writing full time as a profession, while others on the other hand, mix writing and other jobs by the side, as long as, one job or activity does not clash or cause conflict with the other.

Having a college degree is a very important achievement in the life of any individual. I mean, it’s a thing of joy, when you have attained a degree and, being able to stand alongside your peers, friends and family members, to present your certificate, as a full-fledged graduate.

Right from when we were kids, we were told that, for you to make any meaningful impact in your community, country or the world at large, it is vital for you to have a college degree.

Now, some people will ask, will the graduate who is aspiring to become an Article Writer succeed? Or will the non-graduate have difficulties, making any significant headway, in the world of writing?

The truth of the matter is that, there is no straight forward answer to this question. This is because, in the present world we live in, there are so many successful entrepreneurs, who didn’t graduate from college.

 On the flip side, there are over hundreds of thousands of individuals, who were excellently brilliant in school, who later in life, attained huge successes in their respective fields of endeavor.

We should also bear in mind that, there are some other graduates, who possess all the qualifications, but still could not land an average income paying job, irrespective of their level of smartness and the degrees obtained.

In this age and time, becoming a successful writer, has nothing to do with your level of education or the degree obtained over the years.

Though, we cannot throw away the importance of education, it (degree) is not a necessity for achieving success in blogging or article writing.

A good college degree is not a concise proven formula, for success in the article writing world.

So, how can a non-degree holder, succeed as a writer?

1. Don’t compare yourself with others
Personally, almost always when I come in contact with people (non-graduates in this case), who are downcast and almost fed up with life, but are so desirous to go into writing , my most paramount advice to them, is to never compare themselves with anyone.

More so, when they are not graduates themselves. I must state that, there is nothing absolutely wrong, in looking up to someone.

However, it’s a different ball game entirely, when you see yourself as a failure, simply because you are not a graduate, who wants to start his/her writing career.

Believe in your dreams and start. The major hurdle you will likely face, is how to start. But when you start, believe you me, the sky is just a stepping stone.

2. A “never give up mindset”
Yes, you have come to the realization that, you are not a graduate, but one challenge still bugging you is, “will I still succeed as a writer, even without the degree?”

Regardless of your educational background, if at any point in time, you begin to doubt yourself, the chances of you succeeding as a writer is almost equal to zero.

You must be resilient and be ready to face the hydra headed challenges, which will definitely come your way. A never say die ideology, will move you from a state of mediocre to merit; from grass to grace, as a writer.

Truth be told, every facet of human success story, has at one time or the other, faced criticism and condemnation.

But you have to realize that, when you know the reason behind your desire to succeed as a writer, you will have to convert all those negative comments, into positive vibrant energy, which will spur you on, in achieving your writing dreams.

3. Be prepared for rejection
Rejection alone can lead to serious psychological and emotional challenges, on someone who is just starting out as a writer. However, the truth is that, as a writer, who is a newbie in the “game”, don’t feel condemned, when people reject you, simply because, you are not a graduate.

It’s (rejection) is part of life, and I stand to be corrected when I say, all the top writers in the world, were at one time or the other, experienced their own share of rejection.

So get up, dust your feet, be courageous and smile. Don’t let your educational status, bar you from starting as a writer. Rejection is a blessing in disguise, if you choose to see it that way, which I am seriously hoping you should.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it will be easy, but see it as an obstacle, which MUST be overcome.

4. Put in double or more energy
Need I say more? I believe this is self-explanatory. Since you don’t have the academic degree, which others have, it will be ideal, if you get yourself mentally prepared.

You have to put in double efforts and twice the time, other writers are applying to their strategies, before you can make it.

Being a freelance writer is not a 100m sprint race, it is like a marathon. It requires a lot of sacrifices, especially coming from someone, who is not a graduate.

5. Don’t feel cutoff from others
Finally, please don’t stay away from others, most especially, those who are in the same niche with you i.e. writers etc.

Don’t say because, I will be rejected, or I will be pushed aside, and then, you decided not to interact or communicate with others. In the blogging world, everyone needs everyone.

No individual (or in this case, writer) can survive on his/her own.

Go out there, interact with the gurus and the graduates alike, I am 100 percent sure that, you will learn a thing or two from them, even though, they might appear to be condescending.

Yes, there you have it. I hope we all have learnt a thing or two from this write-up.