6-sure-tips-to-feed-and-grow-the-writer-within Before anyone can taste and hold on to success, there are some key skills, which one must have, in order to attain your targeted purpose or dreams in life, in this case, a Freelance Writer.

Sometimes, these skills are not adequately developed to the best of your abilities, simply because, you don’t know how to utilize them, and make them flourish and work for you.

Below are 6 vital points, which will show you how to bring out the best of those abilities. Read and enjoy.

Recognize your inner strength.
One core ingredient to succeed as a freelance writer, is to be aware of your inner strength, which is buried deep inside of you, and has become dormant.

It’s almost an uphill task, when we want to do some certain things, and our minds, tend to play a fast one on us, telling us such thing as; you are not cut out for this; you cannot succeed in this or have you seen anyone around and close to you, achieve anything meaningful as a freelance writer?

Once you have decided within you, that you want to go into freelance writer, you have to have that self-confidence that, you can do anything, to the point of getting positive results, when you begin your writing career.

You just have to dig deep within you and literally “resurrect” that creative but lazy part of you, before facing the challenges before and ahead of you.

I bet you, when you are constantly telling and reminding yourself that “I can do this”, it’s just a matter of practice and time, the writer who you were meant to be, will begin to flourish, as you feed it daily, with words of encouragement.

Focus on your strong areas, while working on your weaknesses.
We all have our strong points and the not so strong ones. In order to make the writer within you great, you must understand, build and enhance your strong areas, and utilize them, to further your writing business.

 Also, it is very important that, your weakness(s) must be consistently worked on and, with time and dedication, your shortcomings will get an upward massive boost. 

Though, sometimes, we tend to give less priority or pay no attention to the weaker side of our skills, it is imperative that, we work on it, to be an all rounded writer.

Develop a strong passion for success.
A very strong passion is a vital element needed, to feed and grow your writing career. Without an insatiable drive for success, there is no way, you can succeed as a writer.

Passion, is the “nutrition” which feeds the inner being within you and, for you to excel in any form of business model, it is vital you have a strong passion for it.

The importance of having a passion for any business or venture, can never be underestimated. It’s what separates the winners and losers; the rich and the poor; the successful writer and the struggling ones.

You must be able to withstand the storms of challenges and rejection, which will definitely arise, at various times, in your writing career. This “food” or attribute, is what your career needs, in order to sustain you, during those trying times, as an up and coming writer.

Make studying a habit.
Another important element required to be a source of food, and an instrument of progress, vital for the growth of the writer within, is to have a strong studying habit.

It’s not just possible to grow the writer within you, if you don’t make a daily habit of reading books and articles of other blogs (most especially, those in the same niche with you).

There are tons and tons of gems of information, one will always get from reading on a constant basis.

Creating and judiciously following a daily reading schedule, will definitely go a long way, in shaping your intellectual writing capacity. It could be done half-hourly, or per hour basis etc… depending on you and the free time at your disposal.

You just have to find the time, which fits perfectly into your daily work routine, where comfort and rapt attention will be needed, depending on the individual involved. It is not a one size fit all kind of thing. 

Form partnership with others.
Personally, I have being very fortunate, and to a very large extent, benefited hugely, when I partner with others.

As a writer, the “beast” within you, is enlightened and elevated to a plain of greatness, when you collaborate with others, in the same line of thoughts and profession as you.

The partnership could be a group of writers, sharing the latest tools and techniques, on how to be a better writer, or to carry out a project together, so that all the parties involved, can be exposed to a larger audience of clients and companies, who are looking for seasoned and upcoming writers to work with, in the future.

The benefits, you will gain from such ventures, will be greater than the sum total of just one person.

Take failure as a tool for motivation.
Lastly, when failure is seen from the angle of discovery and positivity, it becomes a catalyst to feed and grow the writer within you.

I am of the belief that, when you fail in a particular thing, it should not be seen as the end of the world, rather, it should be the major driving force, to refine your writing skills.

As a new writer, you will face rejections and, experience heart piercing failures, at one time or the other. Such situations, should not stop you from pressing forward.

These stages are very vital, where you can adjust your thinking pattern positively, turning the anger into something creative.

As a result of this transformation, you will realize overtime that, the writer deep inside of you, will begin to grow, and within the shortest period of time, your writing pattern will get better, and more importantly, clients will be constantly contacting you to write for them, at an agreed rate, beneficial to both parties.

Hope this article has been beneficial and an eye opener. Remember to comment and share, thanks.